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Blooming Wild Tulips


Blooming Wild tulips

Did you know that Kazakhstan is the birthplace of tulips? This fact is recognized throughout the scientific community.
With the arrival of spring in Kazakhstan there is a drastic change that takes place on the steppes. This is the changing of a picturesque landscape of blankets of white snow, where the sleeping winter has awakened, into an array of beautiful shades of red, yellow, orange, white, and semitone. These tulips sway in the winds as if they have been placed on a canvas by an inspired painter whose strokes seem to be almost endless like the steppes.
April and May is the time when thousands of flowers cover mountains and steppes, forming a stunning carpet. Spring is the only time one can witness all of the amazing tulips – the ancestors of the modern tulips all around the world.

Tulips and Ecotourism
The tulips in spring in Kazakhstan have attracted the attention of environmental tourists from all over the world, especially, from Western Europe and Japan. With thanks to the flower festivals and celebrations, there are well-developed tours to these sites where the tulips bloom, for example, tours orchestrated for children, students, and anyone interested in seeing these beauties. Here one can truly admire these amazing creations of nature from late March to mid-July.
The breathtaking scene will not only warm your soul but will also leave you mesmerized! Today Kazakhstan hosts the thematic festivals: “Kyzgaldaktyn Otany – Kazakhstan” and the “Holiday of Tulips” in Aksu-Jabagly Nature Reserve.

If you would like to witness the beauty of tulips blooming in their natural environment in Kazakhstan, we would be delighted to assist with all your travel arrangements. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see what we can do for you. 

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